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Big Brother: A Neighborhood Demands Answers


Update to: A Neighborhood’s Response

On the morning of January 27th, 2014, a quiet, residential street was invaded by the obtrusive eye of big brother. An unknown agency contracted with Arizona Public Service (APS) decided the collective opinion and concern of its customers right of privacy was unimportant. The intrusion of an all-seeing eye, mounted to a light post, crossed the line for many residents in its direct line of sight. Others think their rights have been violated, and they feel insulted that no forewarning was provided.

Three individuals witnessed APS white work trucks, with cherry pickers, parked under the light post on that Monday morning. One of observers watched the installation process and interacted with two of the installers who reportedly were wearing APS uniforms and were “quite flippant,” according to the neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The installers were questioned. One replied, “It’s so we can watch the sun rise;” the other replied that it was an “automatic meter reader”. The neighbor’s concerns of it being a camera were dismissed.

Calls to APS’s Customer Service were meet with confusion, misinformation, and non-answers. It has become clear that APS is reluctant to inform it’s customers of the subversion of their privacy. APS maintains, regardless of what neighbors saw, that they did not install anything to that light post.

First Call to APS

Second Call to APS

Third Call to APS

The longer an anonymous camera remains spying on good, average Americans on this peaceful street, the greater the resentment grows. With government spying hitting the headlines and approval ratings in the toilet, can any agency, local or federal, really afford the negative PR of yet more spying and lack of trust of its citizens?

This Does Not Exist!

This Does Not Exist!

Questions have been asked, and answers demanded. A united front is forming, and talks of petitioning the local government have begun. Lawful and peaceful expression of our Constitutional Rights will commence and continue until the camera is removed. An explanation and an apology should be given.

Update: A Neighborhood Strikes Back

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