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Neighborhood Big Brother


So, today started out like any other day. I woke up, showered, shaved, and proceeded to surf the inner-tubes (Internet) for the latest news on the NWO agenda. After watching the Snowden interview with German TV, I received a knock on my front door. Figuring it was my neighbor Bob, he comes around frequently enough asking for a smoke or just looking to chat, I opened the door.

Sure enough, Bob was there standing just outside of the gate looking perplexed. In his mid-sixties and topped with a full head of white hair, Bob is a retired Vietnam War Vet disappointed in the path his country has taken. I assumed he was just looking for a reason to get out of the house and have some human interaction. Inviting him in, he quickly asked me for a smoke as we walked through the house out to the patio.

Pulling the last two cigarettes out of the pack, I handed him one and lit the other. After sparking his lighter and drawing a heavy puff of smoke into his lungs, he looked at me and asked if I had seen the latest addition to the neighborhood. Exhaling smoke from his nostrils, as he waited intently for a reply.

Unaware of anything new or exciting going on, I thought he might be talking about a new family moving into the area. Since the downturn of the economy many houses on the block have turned into rentals; and people moving in and out has become more frequent. Relaying that I was not familiar with anything new in the area, he drew on his cigarette, looked around and lowered his voice.

“Someone installed a camera on the light post at the end of the block.”

Hearing what he said, the information didn’t hit me at first. “What?” I replied thinking I misheard.

“There’s a camera stationed on a light post at the end of the block.” He said louder than before, so I would not mistake him a second time. Raising an eyebrow, he leaned back into the chair and crossed his arms. “James (another neighbor) said he saw a white truck with a cherry picker parked under the light just the other day.”

“Did he see who it was? Was there a company logo on the truck? Anything?” Concern and anxiety mixed as my heart pumped harder at the thought of being under the watchful eye of big brother.

“He said he doesn’t remember any company logo, other than it looked like a white work truck used by the cable company, with two men sitting in it.”

Venturing out the front, I needed to get a look for myself. Bob followed behind, as he pointed me to the end of the block. Walking ahead, phone ready, camera enabled it didn’t take long before I saw the blocky protrusion, strapped to the light post.

Who, What, When, Why, and How have yet to be answered, but rest assured, those questions will be asked; and that camera will be coming down.




To be continued…

Update: A Neighborhood’s Response

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6 thoughts on “Neighborhood Big Brother”

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    Fight TYRANNY wherever you find it. My suggestion? One spray can of black paint, one can of 25 foot wasp killer spray, remove the wasp killer spray cap, replace it on the black paint tube, test a couple of times, have some neighborhood fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!

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    Simpler more accurate. Paint ball gun. get a syringe. remove the paint, and replace it with engine paint or more permanent glass etchant crème from the local hobby shop.
    For the less radical people, get everyone in the neighborhood to start making calls to every agency in town asking why there’s a camera looking into my house. Hang large signs on the pole pointing out the invasion of privacy with a big arrow pointing up to it. Bet the camera will come down in a couple of days.

    1. I’ve informed most of the people on my block about the camera. Hell, how could you miss it? Sad thing is, only a handful actually care enough to do something about it. I actually had a neighbor tell me that he doesn’t care until it’s on his doorstep. Sheeple drive me nuts!

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    Please go back to the old ways – take out money from the bank with checks personally, buy things from shops with cash, and reduce all interactions through the Internet since it is those interactions which are recorded and tell people about your personal beliefs and wealth. Then even a camera on your doorstep will not enable people to know more about you than what you would like them to know.

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