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Fuck Humanity!

Could this be humanity’s LAST century?


Ellie Zolfagharifard
Daily Mail
January 18, 2016

It won’t be war, politics or poverty that eventually wipes out humanity.

According to Seth Shostak, our end will come about as a result of designer babies and artificial intelligence.

The outspoken director of the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (Seti) Institute believes developments in these areas will lead to new ‘alien’ species.

‘We can eventually produce offspring that are as different from us as dogs are from grey wolves,’ he said in an opinion piece for Seti.

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Fucking Obsolete Humans!

In a future brave new world will it be possible to live forever?


Marie Boran
The Irish Times
January 18, 2016

January is a month for renewal and for change. Many of us have been gifted shiny new fitness trackers, treated ourselves to some new gadget or other, or upgraded to the latest smartphone. As we huff and puff our way out of the season of excess we find ourselves wishing we could trade in our overindulged bodies for the latest model.

The reality is that, even with the best of care, the human body eventually ceases to function but if I can upgrade my smartphone, why can’t I upgrade myself? Using technology, is it not possible to live forever(ish)?

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Fuck Humanity!

Intelligent AI robots capable of DESTROYING mankind


Jon Austin
January 16, 2015

Dr Amnon Eden said more needs to be done to look at the risks of continuing towards an AI world.

He warned that we were getting close to the point of no return in terms of AI, without a proper understanding of the consequences.

Dr Eden said: “The New Year needs to see this ill-informed controversy replaced by a better informed analysis of the potential impact of AI and of its applications.

“In 2016 expert risk analysis must gain a far greater role in the thinking of policy and decision makers, of governments and corporations.”

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Fuck Housework!

Researchers Are Teaching ATLAS To Do Household Chores


Andrew Liszewski
January 15, 2016

The DARPA Robotics Challenge put countless robots through a series of real-world challenges that involved driving, drilling holes, and climbing stairs. But let’s be realistic, the only thing any of us really want a robot for is housework, and that’s what ATLAS is finally learning.

The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, or IHMC for short, actually did quite well at the DARPA Robotics Challenge. But as the team prepares for future challenges, they’re putting their multi-million dollar ATLAS humanoid to good use by slowly teaching it to do basic household chores.

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Talk About a Mindfuck!

New wave in tech: Hacking the Brain


Rob Lever
January 8, 2016

The next frontier for the tech sector is the human brain.

A new breed of neuro-hacker is finding ways to capture and manipulate brainwaves to improve health, with potential to help the severely handicapped.

A number of the innovations were on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where computer scientists and biomedical experts showcased ways to tap into and use brain signals.

The “mind control” headband unveiled by startup BrainCo effectively hacks into brain signals with a range of possible applications — from helping to improve attention spans, to detecting disease, controlling smart home appliances or even a prosthetic device.

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Cute Little Humans.

Humans 2.0: How the robot revolution is going to change how we see, feel, and talk


Nick Heath
Tech Republic
December 22, 2015

Robots aren’t going to replace us, but by working hand in hand with us they will redefine what it means to be human.

The year is 2025. You’re sitting in a surgery watching your doctor carefully insert the tips of her fingertips into black thimble-like actuators.

A screen in front of the doctor flashes with the image of a glistening tunnel of flesh and, as she huddles over the controls, you feel a stirring in your bowels.

That gelatinous mass you feel coming to life inside you found its way into your body 24 hours earlier, when you swallowed a pill that looked unremarkable, save for its bulk.

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You're Next!

Robots are after your boss’ job


Catey Hill
New York Post
December 16, 2015

Managers spend much of their day working on tasks that robots will do better in the future, according to a survey released Wednesday by Accenture Strategy, the strategy arm of the global professional services company.

More than 8 in 10 managers say they spend a significant part of their day planning and coordinating work, 65% solving problems and related tasks, 52% monitoring and reporting performance and 45% analyzing and sharing information, according to the survey, which questioned 1,700 managers across 17 industries.

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Fuck You Robots!

Open AI: Tech giants pledge $1 billion to stop evil robots


Andrew Griffin
December 14, 2015

Elon Musk and a set of other tech giants have launched a $1 billion fund to try and make robots that won’t kill humanity.

Mr Musk has repeatedly warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, calling them the biggest threat to humanity. A range of other famous scientists and technologists have warned about the same, including Stephen Hawking.

The newly-launched company is called OpenAI and will make use of huge sets of data to build artificially intelligent robots that don’t end up killing humans.

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