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The Jim Marrs Interview


Please note, this transcript has been shortened and slightly modified for an easier read. This transcript and interview was done under the name of truthnuke.com. A previous site of mine that I let go. BloodWillow.com assumes all copyrights to this interview.

TruthNuke: You just completed giving an enlightening speech on Remote viewing and aliens, at the IUFOC here in Arizona. I was hoping you could explain, briefly, what remote viewing is.

Jim Marrs: Remote viewing is a psychic ability to where a person can view people, places, things, events at a distance, without the use of the normal five senses. I know this sounds pretty paranormal, and pretty weird, but now this is a technology that has been first developed by the CIA, and then turned over to the US army. They actually had a whole unit called “Grill Flame,” or “Stargate.” They had about two dozen people, and they were using this technology to basically spy on our potential enemies. They’d go look for, you know, Russian or Chinese high-flying aircrafts, submarines, etc., etc.

What was really interesting to me was, although they were never officially tasked to go look for UFO, and yet every single military remote viewer, at one time or another, had first-hand experience with UFOs. There really is such a thing, and it’s here and it’s now.

TN: You shared a story of your remote viewing (at the congress). I noticed in a 2009 interview with Project Camelot they asked you if you were practicing it at all; has anything changed since then?

JM: (chuckles) Yeah… I’m not doing it like I should, but of course that’s the same thing as saying we all know we should workout every day, but… I don’t. I’m just so busy, it’s like, ohhh I’ll do that after awhile, and then awhile never gets there. So, no I do not actively practice remote viewing.

TN: How could one practice (remote viewing)?

JM: Actually, it’s pretty simple. The research that was done at Stanford Research Institute showed that every one of us has this ability. Of course, that’s kind of like saying, we all have the ability to play Chopin on the piano. Obviously, some people can do it better than others, but this is a technique, an ability, a psychic ability that if you actually work at it, if you train at it, and if you practice at it everyone can do this.

There are a number of people, including the former Army remote viewers, who are teaching remote viewing. Lyn Buchanan, Paul Smith, and I think Joe McMonigal at one time was teaching. A lot of them are teaching these techniques.

Basically, what you do is first put yourself into a meditative state, so that you can perceive the soft, subtle psychic signal. Then you have to learn the techniques for acquiring your target. If you can do those two things, then you’re probably going to be a good remote viewer, because after that it simply becomes a process of self-integration. You know, what am I looking at, it is man-made, is it natural, is it hard, soft, big, little. You just keep working through that until you get a good idea of what you are looking at.

TN: How do you acquire a target?

JM: You acquire a target with what they call coordinate remote viewing. Now initially that was true coordinates like longitude latitude, for example they would give the latitude longitude, say, for the North Pole. Then they would say OK we want you to go look at number number number, whatever. If the viewer came back and said oh everything looks real white and it’s cold and I see snow, and oh there’s a bear but he’s white, they know he’s on target, because that’s the North Pole.

TN: Switching now to the alien side of your speech; how do extraterrestrials play a role in global affairs, such as the New World Order?

JM: Now, that’s the big question, and I am not going to try to say that I have a hard and fast answer. But I will say this, if a person dismisses the whole issue of UFOs, and says oh that’s a lot of hogwash. Then they’re never going to figure out what’s truly happening in the world, because they just threw out a big piece of the puzzle.

TN: Who or what sits at the capstone of power?

JM: (chuckles) Well, that’s the $64,000 question. We all know the story, the little UFO lands and the green guy gets out, and what’s the first thing he says? Take Me To Your Leader. Well, who is our leader, who speaks for Earth? Putin of Russia doesn’t speak for Earth; President Obama doesn’t speak for Earth. The polls show half the country believes he doesn’t even speak for the United States. There’s a real problem there.

I would say that the people who are trying to speak for Earth, trying to be the rulers of this planet, are the international banking elite, the wealthy plutocrats who are in the process of looting the United States. In thanks, we have bailed them out for some of their excesses and problems. These are the people, I think, who are really trying to run the world. Now, are they in touch with ETs, are they looking for them, are they trying to contact them, are they already in contact and either being guided or controlled by them? We don’t know.

TN: Are ETs influencing world events, like the uprising that we’re seeing in the Middle East?

JM: As far as the upheaval in Middle East here in 2011, there is always the possibility that there’s some ‘outside’ influence. When I say ‘outside’, I’m meaning outside the Earth. Frankly, I think that this is a purely human endeavor. We know that a lot of the ‘insurgents’ as they call them, the people who are starting some of this upheaval, have actually been brought to the United States and have been trained by the CIA. I think is this simply a means of creating havoc in the Middle East, getting rid of some of the old dictators who were becoming unpopular, and hard to control. They are trying to bring everybody into freedom and “Democracy.”

Consider Democracy, by the dictionary definition, democracy is rule by the majority. If you control the mass media, you control the majority. People don’t really understand that the United States has never been a democracy, and we don’t want a democracy. What we were given by our forefathers was a democratic-republic. Now the difference is in a pure democracy it’s mob-rule, majority rules, the classic example is a lynch mob. Everybody says lynch him, so they lynch him. In a democratic-republic, you have to go through: a system of laws, checks and balances; you have to give the guy a fair trial; he has to have legal representation; and he gets to face the evidence against him and his accusers. If found guilty and if he gets an appeal and it’s turned down, then you can lynch him.

We really should not desire a pure democracy. This is why they go around claiming democracy because, if they can get the mob on their side, then they can claim well this is democracy in action, and you’re free and, you know, you’re liberated. Actually, you’re being controlled by whoever controls the media that controls the mob.

TN: What do you make of the Wisconsin protests?

JM: Well in Wisconsin, of course, you simply got people, particularly the teachers, who are going wait a minute, you know, we’ve worked hard to obtain what we have, and now you’re trying to say you’re going to cut us back?

What nobody seems to take notice of, because the news media, the corporate mass media, will not address this is that the biggest bulk of the US budget goes for defense which means going around and trying to run the empire all around the world. We need to quit trying to run other countries and try to take care of our own people here. I think that’s what a lot of these protests are about. People are trying to say wait a minute why are you squandering all this money overseas on occupations and invasions. Why don’t you spend the money here and take care of the people who are doing the job here?

TN: What is the time-frame when you see all of this coming to a head?

JM: Well, I’ve been asked what the time-frame is on when all of this is going to come to a head. Of course, I really don’t know, but then there’s an old adage that says if everybody tells you, you don’t look well, maybe you ought to lie down. I say that because you go back and look at the prophecies, the legends of Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, the Aborigines in Australia, and of course the Mayans, the Mayan Calendar, the Hopis, the Aztecs, the Zunis they all have the same legends. They all tell us the same story, and they all point to late 2012. Exactly what’s going to happen, I can’t say. I feel fairly confidant in saying that in 2013, 2014 we’ll look back to early 2011 and we will agree that we are not living in the same world. Just like today, we can look back to early 2001, and say, we are not living in the same world that we were living in then.

TN: What can the average person do to combat the agenda?

JM: OK…what can the individual do? First off, I want to extol the virtues of the individual. We’re all told, and I hear this all the time, “well I am just one person, what can I do?” Let me tell you something, in the whole history of the world there’s nothing beneficial that’s ever been done by a committee or a mob. It’s always been individuals. On the good side, you got Mother Teresa, you got Gandhi, you got Jesus, individuals who have led humanity to a better consciousness. On the other side, you got Hitler, you got Genghis Khan, and Napoleon, all individuals. So, don’t ever underestimate the power of the individual.

What you do as an individual is first you study, you open your mind, and open your eyes and your ears, and find out what’s really going on. First step, would be turn off the television. You are not getting truthful information off the TV. In fact, be weary of all of the input you’re getting because there are now five multinational corporations that control everything you see and hear. I am not just talking about news, I’m talking about magazines, newspapers, satellite, cable, movies, music you name it, even billboards. It’s all under tight control. You have to go on the Internet and read hard-to-find books. Mostly, start thinking for yourself. Remember, your mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open.

TN: What is the new book that just came out?

JM: My latest book is, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, which again was not even my title. My title was Zombie Nation, because we’re being turned into a nation of zombies, through the media, through the chem-trailing, through the vaccines, through the genetically-modified foods, you name it. Of course, my publisher said, “ah well, everybody will think that’s a horror book, so we were going to change the name to The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.” I’m beginning to suspect they did that so it would be stuck back on the financial shelf, where nobody would go read it. Still in all, it touched on the New York Times bestseller list, and it really tells everything. The subtitle is “How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases and Zombie Banks are Destroying America,” and they are.

TN: What can we look for in the next year and a half left that we have? What should we be paying attention to right now?

JM: I think, as we get ready to go into the election year of 2012… that’s kind of interesting isn’t it? I think we are going to see more and more discontent, with the crumbling economy, with the corrupt, political system and with the propaganda we are being fed daily by the corporate mass media. I think there’s going to be a consciousness-raising going on. The danger’s going to be that after four years of Obama’s Marxist-Socialism everyone, including a lot of his former supporters are going to be so fed-up that they’re going to leave themselves vulnerable to somebody that comes along that the media will portray as a real savior. You know, give me the power, and I’ll straighten things out. We are going to find ourselves following in the same footsteps as the Germans of the 1930s. The big danger is that we will fall under a National-Socialist dictatorship.

TN: Do you see the New World Order succeeding?

JM: Do I see the New World Order succeeding… well it’s about 11:45 and we’re close to the bewitching hour. They’re very close, especially with all their high-tech, satellite surveillance cameras, etc., etc. Now Novartis, one of the largest drug manufacturers has announced that in their medications, in their pills, they are going to start putting a microchip in there. When you take your medicine, they can just read everything about you, follow you around, and track you.

We are definitely going into a 1984 Orwellian society, but… the good news is there’s more of us than there are of them. We still have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, and we still pay lip service to freedom and democracy. I say as an individual educate yourself, stand up, and just say no.

TN: That’s a good place to leave it, thank you Jim.

JM: Thank you

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